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Finally, 2022 marked the return to something like "normal", and it was possible to travel freely again without having to think about travel restrictions and what rules applied in which countries. So we were happy it was possible to get back to our yearly nordic skiing-vacation in Tyrol, and when we finally received our new Pössl camper van at the beginning of April after a long wait of 15 months, we couldn´t wait to take it on the road and set off on our first two-week trip to the beautiful island of Corsica. Around the summer solstice, we headed off to Scandinavia, cruising and hiking through fascinating Norway and Sweden again after eight years. Come autumn, it was time for a short relaxing trip to the German North Sea coast, followed by a somewhat crazy but very successful solo hiking & biking trip to the Dolomites at the peak of the fall colors. So we spent almost all of our vacation days in 2022 in our camper - and we loved it! We are really happy we made the decision to upgrade and look forward to more trips in 2023! Thanks for stopping by and happy new year everybody!